1. Service Description

  • Our company offers you experienced Employees who work under your management in order to
    execute the projects you assign to them.
  • TradeDesk Team Ltd selects the Employees according to the criteria you have indicated to us and
    recommends the ones that considers to meet your needs. However, and in case that you are not
    satisfied with our selection, at any stage of our cooperation, we replace them within 48 hours.
  • TradeDesk Team Ltd is not responsible for the result of this service, but trains, supervises and
    guarantees the high level of service you will receive, according to its long experience and
  • The work they offer you is through Telework from their fully equipped premises (computer, high
    speed internet, printer, telephone line etc), except for the period of time that has been pre-agreed
    and concerns their training in your company.
  • Employees’ working hours and days are provided by agreement and are chosen by you in order to
    be beneficial to your business, according to its needs.
  • Your company and the people in charge of this cooperation should behave decently and
    cooperatively towards our employees who carry out the service, so that there is an atmosphere of
    cooperation and understanding. For any dispute or disagreement with any of our employees, you
    should contact the manager assigned to your account so that an appropriate solution can be
  • All your instructions to our company’s employees should be in accordance with the laws of the
    state where the service is offered, and your company is responsible for ensuring that the process is
    in compliance with the law.
    2. Cost of Services and payment method
  • The cost of our services is calculated on an hourly basis and is offered to you according to the scale
    defined on our website.
  • The cost covers each and every expense (equipment as described above and unlimited phone calls
    in Greece and EU) and there are no additional expenses other than these.
  • Your company is obligated to prepay for the hours it chooses each time and makes use of this time
    by its choice, without being charged for holidays or other employer contributions. However, you
    should discuss our employees’ hours with them and with your Account Manager so that everyone is
    kept up to date in a timely basis.
  • All payments to our company are made electronically, through our website, by selecting the
    number of hours you wish to pre-purchase and then heading to checkout to complete the
    procedure. As payment methods, you can choose to pay via direct debit of your bank account, via
    any bank card or by transferring to our company’s account.
  • TradeDesk Team Ltd is obligated to invoice each payment exempt from VAT, due to its foreign
    headquarters (UK). An invoice for our services will be sent to you within the first 5 days of the
    following month and will be for all the payments you have made in the past month.
    You can see the description of this service and the cost on our website:
    For office support

    For e-shop support,