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Sales & Office Management Services
by The TradeDesk Team


Personal Assistant

Call Center Services as it should be!

TradeDesk Team with its long experience in creating and maintaining Service or Promotion Departments, today is able to offer you exactly what your business needs!

Regardless of the size of your company yet according to your needs, 1 or even 100 highly trained employees are ready to take on your project even first thing tomorrow morning!

A smarter way to work, with our remote professionals at your service!

Why choose us ?

Without the time-consuming process of finding the right employee

At Value Talkings you will find exactly the employee you need, no matter what your requirements are!

Without the risk of a not-so-good choice

With no explanation and at any time, we replace the employee who supports you, without any cost!

No time commitments or contracts to limit you

All our services are also offered on a weekly basis, giving you the opportunity to use ValueTalkings not only for permanent but also for occasional projects!

Our own employees who:

Provide Services Just for You, Trained by You, Under Your Own Management!

Today online working offers every possibility of remote working,
so why burden your company with time-consuming and expensive processes?

High Standards of Employees in Knowledge and Experience, at the Ideal Cost, just what you need!

Office Manager

Just what your office, shop or online store needs

Client Service
& Customer Support

To offer your clients more than what they expect!

Customer Development
& Direct Sales Service

The most effective way of Promotion is a phone in the hands of a Salesperson!