TeleSales - Telemarketing

Telemarketing is the most direct and effective advertising for Products or Services than any other. At the same time, they have a much lower cost than other similar ones (television, radio, at stops, trains, etc.), while their results are equal and in many cases higher!

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up to 75 calls per hour

A Telemarketer makes from 15 to 75 calls per hour (depending on the product he presents and
the means of calls he uses), bringing all this people close to your business every day!

Even for those who do not agree, the brand of the products or the name of your business is
spread, something that is an investment of great value for your business!

They work either:
They call either:

The TradeDesk Team can directly provide your company from a well-trained and experienced telemarketer to an entire call center.

Executives who will be trained by you in your products, following your own guidance, will be the impact force of the business!

B2B Sales - Exports Marketing

TradeDesk Team offers reliable and high quality solutions!
With long experience in the field of Sales, but also multilingual executives, we undertake B2B Sales in
every part of the world, promoting your Products or Services in the most correct and effective way.
pay as you go
10- 100 hours = £/€ 10/hour
101+ hours = upon offer
custom price